a sip…readers request

At the request of Disco Nap’s S and A,  here are a few pics of my ‘magic moment’ dress. Paris was wonderful, of course. It is my favourite city, along with London.

So here goes. The night I wore it we went to a gorgeous resturant, Cafe Baci on the Rue Teranne owned by French actor Jean -Pierre Baci. It was the perfect setting, particualry because everything in the resturant was black and white. However, dinner had to be small due to the tight dress. But not eating much is a Parisin tradition in itself.

PARIS July 09 026

PARIS July 09 024

Aside from fancy French food and glam restaurants, watching the toy sail boats in Jardin du Luxembourg and finding the original spot of Sylvia Beach’s Shakespeare and Company were definitely amazing Parisian magic moments.

PARIS July 09 090

PARIS July 09 017




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2 responses to “a sip…readers request

  1. disconaplondon

    It’s gorgeous! I see what you mean about feeling different – it’s tres sophistique (not a real word). You look lovely.


  2. Pj

    Tres jealous of your gorgeousness and fabulousness.

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