Things I have been meaning to tell you

Dissertation, dramas and the Wire have all kept me pretty busy and will continue to do till September 4th so bear with me on the lack of blogging.

There are a few things I have noted though whilst travelling to and from the library, whilst occasionally nipping out for caffeine.

– The Maccabees album, Wall of Arms,  is AMAZING. Well done lads.

HMFallWinterycampaignbyTerryRichard– Hennes’ posh range – the clothes with the pink label which are about £10 more expensive than the rest and about 10 times better quality,  never fail to amaze me. When quickly popping in this afternoon (I live dangerously close) I was dumbfounded: a beautiful dark green suede biker jacket (all very Acne) for 130 euros. Beautiful body con dresses in camo colours that have military style fringing on the shoulders for 30 euros, plus a stella over-sized soft pink silk blazer which quite frankly could have been McCartney’s S/S. A- mazing, why spend more?

– the majority of Dutch girls seem to be painfully UNAWARE of the damage too much sun can cause. They are all sporting a reddy/browny colour which just looks harmful.

– Slow on the up take, I know but visited  ‘Gloop’  for the first time – ‘Nourish your inner aspect’. What the…???

–  Vogue was cruel this month: Moss on the front gets me all excited and willing to part withmy pennies. Sat down witha cup of tea searching for more Moss, only to be left with pixie or peaches (to my eye they are as indistinguishable as the Olsens) looking a bit like Madonna in the ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ video (cut off denim shorts and short hair). Sigh. I’ve been had.

– Felt a bit better though when I found second hand designer shop P.S. on the Singel. Second hand Chloe, Filipa K, Louis Vuitton and even a Lanvin suit, as well as customised stuff put together by the slightly scary looking lady behind the till. Her creations were, erm, creative. When one lady tried a dress on, her 4 year old daughter who was in the changing room with her just started laughing. Anyway, good stuff to be found in there, I’m sure. Plus she made a great fuss over my necklace. It looks like an antique, especially since I’ve had to superglue bits of it back on after my boyfriend dropped it on our wooden floor boards. Anyway, the pear shaped ‘dimoands’ do look quite dramatic. She thought I was wearing the real deal  instead I was wearing Accessorize- more Pixie Geldof than Kate Moss. Guess I wasn’t the only one to be had last week.

– And finally, in a gossip colounm kinda way: a certain ex fashion journalist of a broadsheet is seeing someone I know in Amsterdam. But why do fashion writers dress so boringly? Answers on the back of a post card please.




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2 responses to “Things I have been meaning to tell you

  1. disconaplondon

    I’m just about to sit down with Vogue, which I will enjoy because it cost all my money, whatever you say! Sometimes I am tempted not to get it but I’ve got a complete collection of them for so many years I feel like it would be a shame to ruin it.

    x S

    • sparklingwhine

      I understand. I also ‘collect’ them which makes it difficult not to buy a copy each month. But sometimes they look better on the outside filling a bookshelf, than they do on the inside. Still, enjoy! x

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