The Wire is down

Life as I know it is over. We finished watching the entire series of The Wire aka THE BEST TV IN THE WORLD. The world of West Baltimore doesn’t really belong on the glossy pages of Sparkling Whine, but I had to mark the occassion and hopefully spread the word.  Let me reminisce for just a moment. . .

wire1the_wire2the wire3wireomarwire6marlo

And by no means least…





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2 responses to “The Wire is down

  1. S

    I have Series One on DVD! Soon I will know what you’ve been going on about.

  2. thesportboys

    Just sitting down to watch the last episode of S4 before swiftly getting through the final 13 over the next couple of weeks. Thank goodness Mad Men has restarted to fill the void (sort of).

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