Top 5 and 3/4…my little black book

This years little To Me, From Me treat was a bonafide Smythson Diary. A Panama Black Mid-Year to be specific. The diary set me back a small fortune and is arguably an unjustified accessory for an unemployed medium weight socialite, however like all luxuries it is completely and totally worth every penny. And I’ll tell you for why…

1. The devil is in the details: I am not burdened with the unfavourable feel of pleather when I diarise, oh no, I feel real leather. The paper is featherweight, normally paper that thin would not support ballpoint ink but thanks to a Smythson team of wizards and scientists, you guessed it, Smythson paper can.


2. Bi-costal: It envisages a user who spends time in both London and New York. Unfortunately, this does not apply to me, but if it did I could consult the New York metro map before I swiftly hail a cab to take me to my business meeting / dinner / private opening.

3. Seasonal Support: every man about town needs to know when Partridge season begins and ends. Luckily Smysthon realise this and I will never be without knowledge of the best time to hunt Roe Buck, Grouse or Stag. FYI Pheasant hunting seasons begins on 1 October.

4. It is steeped in history: In 1908 Smythson revolutionised the concept of a diary and introduced the portable lightweight diary for gentlemen. Smythson also has the Royal Warrant, so it is arguable that I am now quasi member of royalty. You may bow and exult.

The first Smythson lightweight

The first Smythson lightweight

5. High Importance: a disorganised social life is an invitation for missed opportunities. Planning ahead and spontaneous fun are not mutually exclusive. A well kept diary means that you will turn up on time, not double book yourself and generally keep your friends and family happy.

This week in the life of Me

This week in the life of Me

3/4. The irony of my purchase of said diary is that I have had to cancel a couple of social outings to afford the purchase. Perhaps next year I will buy a Moleskin.



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  1. Marisa

    This my favourite post. I love every delicious detail that decribes so well a man who is all about detail. This made great reading. Well done, Lon.

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