Top 5 and three quarters…everything that is wrong and right about Cheryl Cole’s new video

In 2008 Cheryl Cole took over Britain. 2009 is the year she tries to take over the world. I am a fully paid up member of the Cheryl Devotion Club, but will attempt to review her musical debut with objectivity…

1. The video is ridiculously current. Whoever had the vision for the video decided to throw in absolutely every fashion trend going; a shoulder pad here, a hareem pant there, grunge themes throughout. This actually cheapens the video somewhat. Less of the ‘creative team’ and more Cheryl would have been fine.

2. We live in a post- Beyonce does Single Ladies world and as such the choreographed dance segment is a must. Cheryl is a good dancer, but the whole thing reminds me less of Beyonce and more of Louise. Not a bad thing in itself but not in this context.

3. Props have to be given to the song. It’s sufficiently catchy and is different enough in style from Girls Aloud material. Cleverly manipulative playing on the whole Ashley cheating saga. Though, sadly, it is a bit forgettable.

4. God knows I love a good visual metaphor. Cheryl dressing in military garb was inevitable, but enough of the saluting. We get it.

5. Cheryl is more than a clothes horse, but her video would be nothing without a good few outfit changes. And boy does she deliver, I counted 9 different outfits in the video. My favourite is her final wear, strangely reminiscint of Whitney Houston in the video for I Want To Dance With Somebody.

3/4. It should be noted that any criticism in the above segment is not directed at dear Cheryl but rather her music management. We all know Cheryl is perfect and cannot do anything wrong (despite AMS’s views to the contrary).



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