a sip…I found it!

I’ve obviously been a bit confused. Recently I posted about spending the summer unsuccessfully searching for Chanel’s Jade nail polish. But, as I’ve just discovered, that’s because it is not out yet. It is due in Chanel boutiques next week – October 8th. I’m not even sure when or why I started longing for Chanel’s Jade nail polish. Has KL been sending subliminal messages, or has he been reading my blog? On both cases it’s unlikely but Chanel has a knack at making dreams come true – or at least seeming that way. Anyway, sadly there are only a few hundred pots to go round. And I’m sure there has been a waiting list since January (those cleverer types who picked up on the subliminal hints quicker). It is a lovely colour. I’ll sit tight for the high street version.




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  1. A

    I didn’t want to say but I’m glad you know now!

    I love the colour too. I’ll be waiting alongside you…

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