a sip… the desert boot: a bit like Springsteen – still cool at 60.


sand boots

I want these boots. And as it’s my birthday in a couple of weeks, my mother is duly informed and ready to fill her topshop.com basket and head for paypal.

I saw them on who I would happily nominate as the coolsest girl in Amsterdam. She works in my favourite bar and every time she is working I am in awe of a superb sense of style, her incredible lipstick collection and her damn right coolness. She wore a pair of desert boots with bleached skinny jeans and a black – t, with bright pink lips. It verged on inspirational.

“Really?”, my mum asked when I told her what my new foot fetish was about. It is particularly strange because my elder brother used to wear them all the time. His days of being a hardcore Ocean Colour Scene fan and his homage to mods meant he never took them off.

But, I swear I wanted these boots before I know that Clarks were celebrating their 60th Anniversary of the desert boot. (FYI – the desert boot was originally designed in 1949 by Nathan Clark whilst serving with the West African Bigade in Burma).And I really don’t want the special anniversary pairs in either tweed or an embroded union jack.

I admire the mods as next as the much blogger, and I’ve even seen Ocean Colour Scene live, twice. But I like the simplicity, the neat laces and warm winter staple (when it’s not raining that is). I like how they’re meant for men but look much better on women. They’ll look great with jeans but also with opaque tights and an over sized shirt  dress. So, they may be old, and well nearly 3 times older than me, but in mind they’re still pretty cool. A little bit of British fashion history open to reinvention by the fans of Topshop.



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