If you look like this does it mean you’re a woman who can take over the world?


On top is Anna Wintour and below  is Mireille Guiliano, spokesperson for the Champagne Veuve Clicquot for over 20 years before starting her own company Cliquot, Inc. When not existing in the glamorous world of expensive bubbly, she also happens to write best-selling books. Most famously is her wonderfully titled, ‘Why French Women Don’t Get Fat’. Her latest novel, which was just been published, tells us why she is slim, well dressed AND has had an incredible career, not to mention her jet-setting lifestyle between Paris and New York.

A biog of Anna is not needed here. But, clearly these women have had similar lives. Successful and glamorous careers, flitting between one great city to the next and have managed to stay in great shape. But just look at them – look how similar they look! The light brown bob – Anna’s trademark (or is it Mireille’s?!) , feminine style and neutral colours suggesting ‘I’m feminine anda business woman!’ Is this look the uniform of an exclusive club of powerful women who hold the secretes to living the lives the rest of us want to but have no idea of how to? I think so!

My long, messy and wavy hair suggest I have a very long way to go.



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