sip…Dannii vs the Pink Pound

It took approximately 30 seconds for Dannii Minogue to become a national hate figure and to alienate most of the viewing public. Her crime? A bizarre comment on the gender splicing of a song to X Factor contestant Danyl Johnson. Skip to her comment at the end of the video for the offending item.

Dannii for all intents and purposes outed and humiliated Danyl. This specific attack is made even more bizarre considering that most of the male contestants / judges are in fact gay. The comment was without question hurtful, unnecessary and in bad taste, however in the rush to persecute Dannii I feel that the bigger picture has been missed.

Through his own admission (and from personal knowledge that he hosted gay karoke at London’s biggest gay bar) Danyl’s sexuality is a shade of grey, or more likely a shade of pink. Despite this the producers of X Factor decided that they absolutely had to change the gender in the song, because otherwise all the viewers would spontaneously turn gay?! The song was inappropriate enough for Danyl and changing the lyrics to make it ‘straight’ was like trying to make Boy George less gay by putting him in sensible trousers.

This issue comes at a time when Obama talks to the nation about gay rights, and on International Coming Out Day. Let us not burn Dannii at the stake, while I am not a diehard fan of hers it is true that she is clearly very gay friendly. She is a Minogue for pete’s sake, its in the genetics. Her poor taste comment may have actually shone a light on a bigger prejudice, and that should be the talking point.



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  1. S

    I agree actually. I’ve always quite liked Dannii Minogue and I’m under the impression that she is actually bisexual – er, don’t quote me and I don’t want to out her! But I don’t think she thought it was a bad thing that Danyl is/might be gay and was trying to attack whoever changed the song rather than than make a homophobic comment. The look on Danyl’s face said it all though and I think she inadvertently hurt his feelings quit badly.

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