Getting Old and Rod Stewart

On Monday I turned 24. The boyf took me out for posh nosh and lovely wine. I wanted to look nice but not old, I am still young after all!  What I realised was that as I may be getting  older, I’m certainly not getting any richer. I teamed years old M&S ankle boots, with a playsuit found at Camden Passage Market in Islington, also from years back. The only new item was the black wool Paul Smith jumper – which was a birthday gift. (There is a market near Great Oldmond Street that has a stall that sells labels for a quarter of the price – amazing –  this is where this jumper was purchased).

Birthday SUit 006

So this was my posh dinner but ‘I’m still young – you won’t find me in black linen trousers just yet, no sir-ree!’ outfit.

And then I realised I was light-years away from dressing ‘old’ or ‘grown up’ when I tried on the hat I bought from H&M for an amazing 7 euros.

I look like Rod Stewart.

But it was my birthday and so I’ll look like Rod Stewart if I want to.

Spot the difference…

Birthday SUit 013


rod stewart



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One response to “Getting Old and Rod Stewart

  1. amy

    ha ha – love that you look like Rod Stewart!!
    want to hear more about that stall you found x

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