New Season, Old Clothes

A chill in the air, the onset of the sniffles, leaves falling off the trees and X Factor beginning to take over life as we know it. This can only mean one thing…a new season has begun.

While I love having a natural tan, there is something immeasurably comforting about winter and wrapping up warm. The economy may be turning for the better, but my finances remain unchanged. In the absence of a brand new Autumn / Winter 09 wardrobe, what do I own from last year that can pass off as in vogue this season?

I only own one winter coat and thank god the powers that fashion be have decided that tweed is in this season…CIMG4419

For some reason most of my clothes are grey, a colour that has lived to fight another season. However this A/W I plan on combining my grey coloured staple items with vibrant colours. Imagine the below look with an injection of a vibrant purple.


Other recurring items this season include anything cashmere (that fabric is winter’s friend), my old velvet blazer, a dog-tooth print scarf, cableknit cardigans and sparkly shoes. But not all at once.

And to prove that not all last year looks will make the grade, here is AMS and I in outfits that are unlikely to be repeated this year…




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One response to “New Season, Old Clothes

  1. sparklingwhine

    That is the WORST picture of me – we look so nu-rave – the neon colours and as for my foolish self -could I wear any more different textures in one outfit!?! Yet that was the night we found Door 74…

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