back in the big smoke.

Hurrah! I landed in London last night! Those fuckwits Easy Jet however forgot my luggage. SO ANNOYING. Should be arriving this eve or tomorrow. Quite a good excuse to arrive at the Halloween party this eve not in costume, but the truth is I like getting dressed up. Off to raid friend’s wardrobes this afternoon.

But despite my best clothes and moi being cruelly separated and panicking about the whereabouts and welfare of my favourite dresses and leather jacket, I’m in high spirits. I love this city.

I saw this morning. Young couple and bright lights. How can standing underneath grimy Southwark bridge feel so romantic?

Mole Brief 1 006




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2 responses to “back in the big smoke.

  1. disconaplondon

    Hooray, you’re back. Can we still call you AMS? xx

  2. Marisa

    I think so. Must see the disconappers very soon

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