Mr Darcy and Justin Bobby


I’m currently cat-sitting for my mum. This means an empty house and the novelty of english tv accompanied by a cashmere throw and bottle of wine. Blissful, or about as blissful as suburbia gets.  Yesterday over the space of an entire evening I watched only two programmes. But of both these programmes the entire series was shown back to back. Living in Amsterdam I don’t watch much tv. As you might have figured, we had The Wire on dvd but apart from that and the occasional episode of Enders, tv in these sorts of proportions is overwhelmingly exciting. No, I couldn’t do it everyday but last night I enjoyed every second of it.

The first programme was the Colin Firth Pride and Prejudice. God, I love it. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen it. But  I still go through all the emotions as if it’s the first time. Alas, Darcy is not Proud or Arrogant, he is a true gentleman and, in short, I love him. After a bit of BBC greatness and remembering just how insightful Austen really was, I switched over for some real high culture: The Hills. I think it was the second series. Spedi were married and she wanted babies and he didn’t and anyway shouldn’t there be some sort of state intervention to prevent this natural disaster procreating(not so natural – her hair???)??? The other story line was that everyone loves Kristin. Including Justin Bobby who never really loved the tall skinny girl with black hair as much as a)himself, b)his motorcycle c) himself and now as much as d) Kristin. Kristin and Justin Bobby make a cute couple I suppose,  as far as artificial self-promoting romances go. No doubt about it though, he is hot. The whole biker thing makes me cringe a bit  and his whole persona is ultimately undermined by the fact that he is in an MTV reality tv show about rich kids. Yet despite all that, in the series finale when Justin Bobby and Kristen get together, there was something about it that instigated a similar sentimental feeling as Darcy does (every time). Is is the bad boy/misunderstood gent gone good/understood?? Can I really be drawing parallels between one of the great literary romances and some LA idiot??? I was to some extent convinced by J-B in that scene. He put himself out there, much like Darcy when he asks Elizabeth to marry him for the second time. He is very good-looking, much like firth he has that dark and mysterious thing down to a t and perhaps his motorcycle gives him the air of masculinity that Darcy emits when riding to Pemberley on his white horse. Or had I just watched too much tv?

The Darcy/Justin Bobby marathon made me think. It made me think how I’d missed Miss Marple to watch something I already knew the ending to and was pretty much a farce; how I wish, wish, wish I was Elizabeth Bennet and that possibly I was thinking too much about a character from The Hills. Is Justin Bobby the Darcy of the MTV generation? No. Is this a suitable comparison? Not really. Do I fancy both of them, a little bit, or a lot bit? Yes. Is this what this whole post is actually about? Of course

A blushing AMS


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  1. amy

    somebody needs to leave the house, leave suburbia and come back to London! xxx

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