River Island better than Topshop?? Are you kidding??

My mum called me this morning. As soon as I picked up the phone I could tell she was angry

“That stupid woman at the Guardian, Jess Whatever-her-name-is, has written an article saying she’s out of love with Topshop! What  is she talking about?! Doesn’t she know anything!”

I was angry but not surprised. If anything, Cartner-Morley’s article is utterly transparent; an attempt to cause a bit of a stir and to be fair she has, at least she’s certainly stirred my mother. But to my  mind it is utter rubbish.

Morley says that TS has gone down hill since the arrival of Kate Moss. After all, that was the alledged reason my personal hero Jane Shepherdson  jumped ship. And no, I don’t really like Philip Green either.

But I don’t understand the claim that pre-Moss, Topshop was a fashionista’s secret. I’ve been going there since time began! As has everyone else. Topshop has shops all across the country and it always has. Topshop was never about buying something someone else didn’t have.

To me Topshop was, and still is, somewhere I go and have a lot of fun. The stuff I wouldn’t wear doesn’t depress me into thinking I’ll never be a size six or that I need to lose weight. It reminds me of when I was 15 and didn’t have hips, of a time when Topshop was the Best Place in the World. And now I do have hips, it’s still pretty great.

I have to confess that it is not as cheap as it used to be and that there are cheaper places on the high street but apart from one particular range at H&M (the pink label), I really don’t think there is any competition on the lower end of the high street. Especially not from the places Cartner-Morley mentions. I have to admit I popped into Oasis today as a direct result of the article (makes you wonder who came up with this idea – the journalist or the PRs)  and did see a nice pair of shoes. And a leather dress. And that was it. But don’t get me started on River Island. River Island? RIVER ISLAND?? Has she even been in there? or has she just flicked though the Look Book that landed on her desk. I’ve got some time for New Look. It is cheap and now and then there is something worth having. But River Island? I just don’t get it.

What I love about Topshop is their clothes make me happy. They never let me down. It’s not your unpredictable lover, with whom you swoosh between ecstasy and disappointment, it’s like your best friend in the world: reliable, really good fun and really understands you. I feel like this places gets me, it knows what I like, it makes me feel welcome. I feel like me and Toppy are on the same wave length, thinking the same things. There is always a great dress to be had (and always with pockets.I love pockets) I live in their jeans and I lust after their Chelsea boots. I admire the clashing colours, the blinding prints and the sequins. I could not be without the over sized shirts and the perfectly fitting black leather jacket I picked up in the sale for only £50.00. The cropped pink sequined blazer I bought there over a year ago, still never fails to get compliments and this winter’s faux-fur jacket has been a hit where ever I’ve been. My latest TS buy? a ring watch. It makes me smile (and it is really handy. Excuse the pun)

So maybe Jess Whatever-her-name-is and I just have different taste. 9 times out of 10 I’m bored and unimpressed by the Guardian fashion pages. She’s middle-aged and smug. I’m 24 and still enjoy life,  TS and fun clothes.




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3 responses to “River Island better than Topshop?? Are you kidding??

  1. disconaplondon

    WOW I really love the passion on show here. I do agree, there isn’t a decent replacement for Toppers and it’s certainly not River Island. I do love the Guardian fashion coverage though, because it’s not sycophantic. I don’t always agree but at least it’s not just slightly veiled advertising.

    I am definitely going to give Topshop another chance and go for a rummage next time I have some money. This controversy has reminded me it exists at least.

  2. im going to have to agree and Disagree. I think itsall dependent on what you are looking for for example River Island is unsurpassed in ther range od shoes and accessories, While Topshop mskes great dresses. Both are great brands but it all depends on what your looking for.

    I f i was buying a mens coat I would head to RI as I think theyre coats are great, theyve also got some amazing boots and bags but If I was buying jeans or a suit Id head straight for tompman. Bothe stores excel at different thing so its great to have both.

    if I had to pick I am a bit swayed towards River Island

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