Tavi-turn around

I don’t know what it is but she’s growing on me. Maybe it was her impressive self-defense over the bow-gate incident. (p.s GET OVER IT PAULA REED) or maybe it’s because I’ve started to pay a bit more attention or maybe it’s because I’m totally charmed by the idea of her dad attending couture and all fashion weeks with her. Or simply just this picture



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  1. disconaplondon

    I like Tavi. She’s a talented writer and that’s all I care about – I want people who really care writing about fashion and I think her approach is great. She made a faux pas with a hat but I think it’s a bit unkind to start a backlash based on one little thing like that. I do think there is a bit of a stand-off happening between professional writers and bloggers and I can see why – pros have been honing their craft for years in most cases and can write about anything. Bloggers write about what they care about and be very fickle. But that’s what I love about blogs – the honesty.

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