I’m on Tavi’s side.

The editors vs. bloggers row is certainly an entertaining one. Especially involving Tavi. She seems to be out of favour at the mo; not only did Grazia’s Paula Reed instigate the bow inspired backlash but some posh idiot at the Telegraph had a go at her and her parents for Tavi missing school. (Because of course, she’d never dream of allowing her 13 year old daughter fly to Paris and sit front row at Chanel couture on a school day). Poor Tavi – she’s only little. Is she really such a threat? Well, perhaps at the moment and the more this 40-year-old-black-suited-editor vs. insane-dresser-school-girl battle continues, the more Tavi stays in demand and the more front row seats have her name on. But mostly, I’m just impressed that this young voice stands up for herself. Soon I imagine she’ll ignore the allegations of truancy and stealing the show but for now she’s standing her cyberspace and front row ground. And i’m on her side.

“And, speaking of deciding a journalist knows the truth to something they can’t back up, my parents and I are the ones who know my school’s absences policy, how my teachers feel about my missing school, and what my grades look like — not anyone else. I know everyone’s intentions are warm-hearted because they’re just so concerned for my health and future because they’re so caring like that, but it is irrelevant to arguments being made about my blog or blogging in general, and a cheap way to distract people from the actual problem they’re focusing on. If we really want to bring it up, can we talk about models that travel without guardians? Dudes and traveling sports teams? And if I didn’t take up the offer to travel to Paris to see couture shows, I would suddenly think I’m too good, right?”

While I always try to be honest, I still keep myself separate from this character wearing sunglasses indoors. This isn’t to say I am totally self-assured, but I know what I don’t like, and I know to take everything with a grain of salt. Let’s be realistic here — I don’t look at rail-thin women sucking on cigarettes outside shows with admiration. It seems that with all this “Backlash!” many people have lost sight of what MY blog is actually about: fun, dammit! I thought my let’s-go-all-out-and-enjoy-ourselves outfits were of any indication here, but apparently a giant pink hairbow just means I don’t want editors behind me to see because bloggers hate editors and vice versa, apparently, apparently, apparently.

I’m going to New York on Saturday. I will be wearing some more hats. If you happen to be sitting behind me and you’d like to be able to see, just ask.

Read the rest of her defence here.



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