Alexa, forgive me.

I saw Alexa Chung in Topshop Oxford Circus at about 10.30 this morning. Until today I thought that Chung’s main merit was simply being skinny. Until this morning I held the opinion  that she doesn’t really do anything in particular and that she dresses like most girls who hang out in Dalston do. And, no they were doing it first, not the other way round. But all that changed this morning when I looked up as a tall, and yes,  skinny girl strode past me. I recognised her instantly. But she was so much more beautiful than she is in any picture. She was stunning in the truest sense of the word: she stopped you in your tracks, she made your chaw open. Her cat-like eyes peered though her thick glossy hair that covered her face. She had presence. She was taller than I thought and her legs were even skinner that I thought. The skinniest legs I have ever seen accentuated even further by the black leather skin tight trousers she was wearing. She looked cool and cool in all it’s forms – effortless, sexy, edgy. I was impressed. So impressed that I stood and stared. So, I got Chung wrong and now I’m a little bit of love.



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  1. I saw her on Brick Lane a couple of months ago and she is legitimately one of the most beautiful women stopping this planet. MMMMM she’s dreamy………

    Much Loves

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