Word on the cyber-street: Suno

I haven’t been following NYFW  with a fine tooth comb but I have heard mumblings about Suno (Fashionista, Style Bubble amongst others) Founder Max Osterweis reportedly spent a decade collecting textiles on trips to Kenya before starting his own company in 2008. The design and the development of the label takes place in NYC but then the samples and patterns are brought back to Kenya where they are produced in small locally and responsibly run workshops. Osterweis points out that his business is a benefit to the South African nation, with the potential of economic and social lasting impact. Fair dos.

What I think I love about this stuff is the mix-match clashing that goes on in both colour and texture. This is how I’d love to dress – if only I knew how. There is something strangely casual about the look although clearly it is a highly contrived one. It’s feminine, but not in a way that bows to conventional notions of femininity. There’s just the right amount of glitter and glamour, as well as coolness and credibility. The prints are amazing and the trousers, dresses and shoes are to die for. It’s exciting and it’s eye-catching and on top of all this, it is responsibly made. I love this promo video for the 2010 resort collection and Susie Bubble’s got some great pics on her blog – a few of which i’ve borrowed.



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