the best of both worlds?

In today’s Grazia,  style blogger supreme, London Liberty Girl revealed herself. I haven’t seen the spread as the issue hasn’t arrived in Holland yet but LLG has also  come clean on her own blog. Today she revealed that she is Sasha Wilkins, a senior fashion editor and broadcaster. She has written for respected publications on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as appearing on BBC radio and TV as a style expert for 10 years, she has also consulted for the likes of Calvin Klein. Plus, London Liberty Girl was included in The Sunday Times in their Top 100 Blogs in the World list. Not bad.

So where does Sasha Wilkins/LLG fit in the bloggers vs. editors row? When sitting front row this season will she being saving her sharpest observations and wittiest references for her magazine article or her blog post? Does she prefer being a blogging sensation and part of a democratic community (she thanks DisneyRollerGirl and Queen Michelle and Queen Marie for their blogging friendship) or a black blazer, blackberry wielding magazine editor? I’d like to ask her a few of these questions. In the mean time I’ll just keep following her tweets and reading her articles.



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  1. Satu

    I love LLG, had no idea she was going public.

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