A slight style diversion…Happy Birthday ‘Enders

Admittedly, EastEnders is not the most stylish tv programme in the world (Dott Cotton and Pat Butcher however can be perceived as fashion influences. seriously) And whilst the rest of the world is buzzing around Somerset house and tweeting all things LFW, I am in Amsterdam, burning CDS, wearing track suit bottoms and waiting for tonight. Oh yes. Tonight is the Night. We will finally find out who dunnit: who killed Archie Mitchell!!!I can’t guess! I just don’t know! But I love a bit of TV soap drama. This programme is as old as me. So whilst they’re celebrating 25 years of Albert Square  I might do the same thing about 25 years of moi ( I realise that this is what for birthdays are for – I’m not 25 until October – aaaagggggesss away) Anyway, Cheers to EastEnders



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One response to “A slight style diversion…Happy Birthday ‘Enders

  1. Archie

    You sure I’m really brown bread? Sleep with one eye open Blondie.
    (Der Der Der…)

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