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top 5 and three quarters…the bum bag

Queen Michelle brought this beautiful ‘belt’ to my attention.  Clearly its damn more than just a belt though! Apart from the gorgeous colour and the gorgeous ruffle, you can also keep things in it! G.E.N.I.U.S.

Borba Margo

Borba Margo

My best friend M has been telling me for years that bumbags are actually THE coolest thing ever. I must admit at first I met her with resistance, but now I’m utterly convinced. However I have developed certain rules over the years on the dos and donts of wearing a bum bag:

1. NEVER call it a fanny pack. Even if you are American.

2. Never buy one with a designer logo on it, i.e. Gucci or LV. Then people will think you’re American

3. Never buy one from American Apparel either.  Never buy ANYTHING from American Apparel.

4. Do: Old black/ brown leather. Don’t do multi-coloured Fresh Prince style, no matter how tempted you are.

5. It should be subtle not a statement. Don’t try and put the contents of your tote/gym kit/spare flats etc in it.

3/4. Do like Borba Margo and call it a belt. This way people will say they like it.




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