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top 5 and three quarters…an ode to Lacroix

The recent tragic news that French fashion giant Christian Lacroix has filed for bankruptcy really got me down. The classic french courtier is no longer cool and desirable – or so the sales suggest. However, I have a special place for Lacroix in my heart. My favourite item of clothing that I own is this silk Lacroix skirt. It was given to me by my aunt in a black bag of ‘unwanted’ stuff. The irony is that her unwanted is now my most wanted.

Togtastic May 2009 019

skirt 001

Lacroix skirt 002

I love it because:

1. It’s silk

2. It’s cut on the bias

3. The two above reasons means that it moves beautifully when you walk

4. It’s been all round Europe and occasionally gets hitched up to make a dress when packing is tight so to get two outfits out of one

5. It taught me to appreciate the joy of an exquisite cut and beautiful fabrics

3/4. It has a cigarette burn in it. But I quite like this as it reminds of of late, smokey Brighton nights



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