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top five and three quarters…A tale of two accessories.

1. This bank holiday saw me a lucky girl. A got a bargain pair summer shoes from H&M and a very generous gift in the form of a Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch. 

I heart Hennes

marc clutch

2. Both these accessories speak for themselves. Jeans and a white tee are a sufficient background and would allow these two to come into focus.

3. Both these accessories have a secret weapon. They are PRACTICAL. God, I love it when that happens. Although they both are bright, and the Marc clutch a bit bling, you can wear them comfortably and often. The heel on the H&M sandals are not too high. In fact the low heel has a more 40s or 50s vintagey feel to it and the clutch has a hand strap attached to the zip.

4.  Both theses accessories tell me spring has arrived ( it has in Holland, though reports from London suggest otherwise. We have had 4 days of pure sunshine.) The sandals are obviously suited to warm days but so is the clutch. Carrying a clutch means I no longer have to carry an over-sized tote with a scarf, a hat and a spare cardigan everytime I leave the front door.

5. And crucially, in this city, they are both bike friendly.

3/4. And drunk friendly. Saturday night took the sandals out on the town. I think you can see the sandals really were the focus of the evening’s attention




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