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Top 5 and three quarters…best dressed for the sun this week

Mother nature has been kind enough to bestow the sun upon this week. Good news for those with Seasonal Affective Disorder, bad news for those who ate too much over Easter. These starlets (who are obviously not guilty of the latter) show us how to dress for a sunny Spring.  

1. Lauren Conrad: proving both high waisted belts and metalic fabrics are still alive and kicking. This vibrant colour only really goes with blonde hair and a tan, but boy does it work!


2. Dita Von Teese: on the paler side of the fence, Dita rocks summer chic with this Moschino dress. The shape is similar to LC’s dress, ruffles are obviously the Spring look de jour. The sun and colour are perfect friends, so abandon those plain cashmere jumpers and kaleidoscope yourself up.


3. Natalie Portman: sporting the perfect day-to-dusk outfit. Natalie is as cute as a button in this frilly number, looking (and probably feeling) cool as a cucumber.


4. Mischa Barton: this thespian-challenged partaay girl perfectly pulls off this peacock sundress. The bubblegum blue sunglasses and jangly accessories complete this casual-cool spring look. (apologies for all the alliteration, I got carried away).


5. Kate Bosworth: I adore this floor length Chloe dress. The pastel yellow of the dress and the sparkly top add a touch of class to this outfit that would not look out of place on the beach or on the red carpet.


3/4. Mary Kate Olsen: I never really understand why such a small lady needs so much fabric. Mary-Kate is the anti-spring in this outfit, the dreary oversized suade jacket and valour trousers make me sad.





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