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Top 5 and three quarters..why this video is the best thing ever

1. Jennifer vs Jennifer: for those up on their musical knowledge this duet is something quite special. Jennifer Holiday won the Tony Award in the 80s for her role in Dreamgirls, taking the house down with this song. 20 years later Jennifer Hudson won an Oscar which was pretty much attributable to her performance of this song.

2. This video is pretty much like crack to gay men. Just like a dog whistle, this plays on a frequency which makes every gay man stand to attention. NB: listen to the man in the audience about two thirds of the way getting completely overwhelmed.

3. The shouting match at the end is ridiculous and brilliant. The pretence of melody is given up and both ladies have a shout-sing off. Excellent.

4. Jennifer Holiday deserves some work. The last time the world saw Jennifer Holiday she played a recurring role on Ally McBeal as a gospel choir singer. Those pipes deserve some respect.

5. Loving the Diva style. Both divas know that the stage loves a good sparkle, which is also quite on trend. J Hudson is a great style icon for more curvy lady. Beth Ditto does not have a monopoly on style for those above a size 12.

3/4. Correction…THIS is the gayest blog post ever written.



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