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Top 5 and three quarters…beds


Let’s all face it, the bed is the best holiday destination in the world. Bed serves more than merely a functional purpose and here are my top 5 examples of such:

1. Tracey Emin’s My Bed: perhaps the most controversial bed in the world. Some call it rubbish, others give it the Turner Prize. The bed-art caused a media frenzy and probably (rather ironically) some sleepless nights. Love it or hate it, the unmade bed we create every morning is now museum worthy.



2. Candy Darling’s deathbed: rather morbid but the image of pre-op transsexual Candy Darling on her hospital deathbed is an iconic image of the Warhol Factory era. Made famous by Warhol, Candy unfortunately succumbed to leukemia  at the age of 29.  

Candy Darling on her deathbed

Candy Darling on her deathbed


3. The largest bed in the world: The Extreme UltraKing (as it is bombastically called) claims to be the biggest bed for sale in the world. I cannot really imagine the need for 12 feet (wide) of bed, surely it would take a small army to make it up. Also, don’t get me started on finding the right size sheets. Brilliantly decadent, I’m ordering mine now (NB I may have to knock some walls down).

4. The Great Bed of Ware: this bed is the original Extreme UltraKing. Dating back to the 1500s the historic 11 foot wide bed is now exhibited in the Victoria and Albert Museum. The bed is mentioned in the works of Shakespeare and Byron and rumour has is it that 26 butchers and their wives spent one night together in the bed as a bet!
5. The Bed-in: Yoko Ono and John Lennon staged their first two-week long bed-in for peace in the Amsterdam Hilton. Great things can indeed be achieved from your bed, but it does help if you have heaps of publicity and happen to be a celebrity. I’m not entirely sure that I would achieve much peace if I held my own bed-in, probably just a stiff back.
3/4. My Bed: my favourite place (especially when taken without alarms) and somewhere I am now heading.

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