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Top 5 and three quarters…best dressed this week

1. Miranda Kerr: metallic terracotta is a brave choice, and this outfit proves how fashion can reward courage. I love how the built-in belt synches in the waist but doesn’t take away from the block colour. PS It pained me to cut out her dishy fiancee Orlando Bloom from the photo.


2. Eliza Dushku: Boobs aside, this outfit channels a casual / tailored chic look that is incredibly in at the moment. Who knew tweed and leather could be friends?


3. Rachel Weisz: Olive green is now officially my favourite colour. This lacey Chanel number is so versatile and effortless gorgeous (granted Ms Weisz may have something to do with the latter).


4. Penelope Cruz: I am not entirely sure whether Penelope is wearing the dress or the other way round. Nevertheless, there is something really appealing about the ‘Athens meets Bollywood’ flavour of this dress.


5. Dita Von Teese: It continuously surprises me that Dita makes my best dressed list. When she is not wearing ludicrous corsets and appearing on Eurovision, Dita looks pretty damn amazing. Her glamorous attire really captures a look that is very ‘now’. Boy, Cannes she work it!


3/4. Nobody is a bigger Leighton Meester fan than I, so it pains me to relegate her to the worst dressed segment of my list. Her poker straight highlighted hair really washes her out and the tux dress / suit / skort makes her look boxy. This may have been acceptable in 2003, but I expect more from the reigning GG queen.




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Top 5 and three quarters…best dressed for the sun this week

Mother nature has been kind enough to bestow the sun upon this week. Good news for those with Seasonal Affective Disorder, bad news for those who ate too much over Easter. These starlets (who are obviously not guilty of the latter) show us how to dress for a sunny Spring.  

1. Lauren Conrad: proving both high waisted belts and metalic fabrics are still alive and kicking. This vibrant colour only really goes with blonde hair and a tan, but boy does it work!


2. Dita Von Teese: on the paler side of the fence, Dita rocks summer chic with this Moschino dress. The shape is similar to LC’s dress, ruffles are obviously the Spring look de jour. The sun and colour are perfect friends, so abandon those plain cashmere jumpers and kaleidoscope yourself up.


3. Natalie Portman: sporting the perfect day-to-dusk outfit. Natalie is as cute as a button in this frilly number, looking (and probably feeling) cool as a cucumber.


4. Mischa Barton: this thespian-challenged partaay girl perfectly pulls off this peacock sundress. The bubblegum blue sunglasses and jangly accessories complete this casual-cool spring look. (apologies for all the alliteration, I got carried away).


5. Kate Bosworth: I adore this floor length Chloe dress. The pastel yellow of the dress and the sparkly top add a touch of class to this outfit that would not look out of place on the beach or on the red carpet.


3/4. Mary Kate Olsen: I never really understand why such a small lady needs so much fabric. Mary-Kate is the anti-spring in this outfit, the dreary oversized suade jacket and valour trousers make me sad.




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Top 5 and three quarters…best dressed this week

1. Drew Barrymore: Drew is officially my new favourite A-Lister. Like the fine wine Ive never drunk, she gets better with age. This Giambattista Valli dress says it all:


2. Sophia Bush: Sophia is a hit or miss girl. This outfit has incorporated every trend going, but she manages not to overbake them. It makes my list because of the pure aesthetic of the outfit, though I’m not sure it would work anywhere but in LA.


3. Matilda Ledger and family: These outfits are made by the fact they are not styled or planned intricately, yet they achieve a similar level of stylishness. Who knew that casual and striking colours mixed!?


4. Zac Efron: Zac is working the perfect skinny suit look, he does not look stitched into the suit but rather it hangs comfortably. Such a cut suggests fine tailoring without the need for the expense. Also charcoal is a better shade of black on men than plain or matte black.


5. Zoe Saldana: this Star Trek star dresses down and looks fabulous in this grey dress. Ladies take note, this is how to do smart casual.


3/4. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon: this notoriously unfashionable pair have really embraced the easter spirit. Proof that some problems are not solved by throwing money at them.



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