Top 5 and three quarters…reasons why I have been a neglectful blogger

1. Wine Flu: simply put, I have been out too much recently. I’m no longer sure what a hangover feels like as it has become such a regular fixture in my routine.

2. The Sniffles: Im not sure if it a product or a constituent of the above reason, but I have been feeling decidedly under the weather of late. Swine flu jokes in a stamped addressed envelope please.

3. Muse-less: inspiration is a cruel mistress and we are currently on a break. I have also been neglecting to read my daily blogs and so am out of tune with what is down with the kids.

4. Work is not an adequate excuse. I managed fine before to work, study and blog. But nevertheless Im going to pop this in as a reason.

5. Re-branding: not the blog, but myself. I have been having lots of conversations lately about style. I feel I am in a bit of a fashion rut and once I confront this head on I will be a much better fashion blogger.

3/4. My negligence ends now. Tomorrow I am going to an exhibition on hats at the V&A…Top 5 tastic!


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