Top 5 and 3/4…block colour chic

There is a myth that summer and plain outfits do not mix well. I poo poo such a sentiment and present the following evidence to the fashion courtroom…

1. Ashley Olsen takes a break from looking like a bag-lady, and rocks this tangerine gown.



2. A white suit works outside the realm of an 80s wedding, and Kate Bosworth is proof of that pudding:



3. Blake Lively pulls off this fuchsia look without any Barbie connotations, bravo. 



4. Isabel Lucas brings my favouritest colour grey kicking and screaming into Summer.



5. Megan Fox is so hot right now (in all senses) that it is almost criminal she is allowed to get away with looking this good in her LBD.



3/4. And to make this an open and closed case, here is the exhibit for the other side…so wrong I vomitted in my mouth just a little.



A belated LON


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